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The children and youth centre CADSE in Bolivia has no possibility to finance itself. Although all employees work on a voluntary basis, costs such as electricity, materials and water are incurred. In order to cover these costs we are dependent on any help. We not only need donations of money, but also donations in kind and help with events in Germany are very welcome. Last but not least we are an association which is run by people in their free time. Accordingly, it is an incredible support when volunteers come to us, for example in the context of a Weltwärts year, and learn for their lives on the side.

For questions we are always at your disposal. You can reach us by mail at or directly via the contact form.

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The German association “Aquisito” has made it its business to support CADSE. No matter if donations in kind or cash donations, former volunteers and committed students take care of the transfer to Bolivia and the issuing of donation receipts. Of course nobody is paid and 100% of the donations arrive in Bolivia. Click here to go to the website or directly to the donation form.

There are a lot of great ideas to help from Germany. For example, would you like to run a marathon and support a good cause? Or organise a bake sale on your shoe? Or do you have the idea for an app that helps parents to be there for their children while they work?

We are happy about every idea and support you with everything you need. Just have a look at our German partner website “Aquisito”!

Ein Freiwilligendienst beudeutet nicht nur, den Kindern in CADSE eine Chance zu geben und Ideen zu verwirklichen, er bringt auch dir komplett neue Erfahrungen fürs Leben, die dich für immer begleiten und bei Entschiedungen im Leben unterstützen werden.

In Kooperation mit der LKJ Sachsen Anhalt bieten wir dir ein ganzes Jahr in Bolivien, dass von dem weltwärts Programm der Bundesregierung unterstützt wird. Für mehr Infos besuche die Partnerwebsite der LKJ!

For those older than 28, who would like to make a free choice or do not want to stay for a whole year, we can also organise a shorter stay as an alternative to the weltwärts service. More details can be found on the website of the German association Aquisito, which will help you with the organisation.

My time at CADSE was incomparable. I learned a lot and gained experience for my life.

Laura Frommberger

Volunteer 2017

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Anne Wermann

Volunteer 2019

The months at CADSE were a unique experience and I felt like part of a big family. THANK YOU for one of the best times of my life!

Julia Moj

Volunteer 2017

This kind of voluntary service is unforgettable and I can only recommend it!

Hanna Schulz

Volunteer 2017

I have learned so much about selflessness, helpfulness and joy that you cannot learn anywhere else. CADSE is and remains forever in my heart!

Antonia Tröll

Volunteer 2017

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